It's hot. How hot is it? It's so hot that Quincy, Illinois just posted the warmest temperature for this day in January ever.

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For January 3, 2023, Quincy, Illinois is the hottest it's ever been for this day on the calendar. The National Weather Service just shared the news on their Facebook page that the temperature of 65 just registered in Quincy today tops the previous record of 63 back in 1998.

As the National Weather Service said on Facebook, don't break out the tank tops and shorts just yet. The temp dives back to "normal" numbers as of tomorrow with highs only in the 30's.

National Weather Service
National Weather Service

To give you an idea of how warm it's been, I actually had to turn on the air conditioning in our house so we could sleep last night. Even considering that my wife requires a ceiling fan even in the dead of winter, that's still an amazing thing to be able to say this time of year.

Oh, well. Wearing flip flops in January was nice while it lasted.

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