Be looking for some new flashing crossing guard paddles soon outside of Quincy Junior High School.  These are brand new crossing guard flashing LED paddles. 

The City received money from the Safe Routes to School grant via IDOT (Illinois Department Of Transportation) to purchase 18 new stop paddles to replace older existing paddles that are now failing. Crossing guards across the country carry Blinker Paddle flashing LED Paddles in their crosswalks to alert motorists. Blinker Sign flashing LED School Crossing Signs are used in advance of, and at marked school crossings to alert drivers of the presence of pedestrians. These paddles make crossing guards more visible, especially in low light and inclement weather conditions, thus reducing the potential for a pedestrian/vehicle accident.

The Quincy Police Department, which oversees the crossing guard program, will be conducting a news conference on Friday, February 1, 2013 at 2:40 p.m. to announce the usage of these new paddles.

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