Wow. It's truly hard to believe that high schoolers put on a show like that. Then again, they've been doing it every year since 1955. If you've ever seen Quincy High School's annual "New Faces" show, then you've come to realize just how much talent resides in that building. For me, seeing my third show in a row, I'm still amazed at what a group of over 200 young people are capable of pulling off each time I see it.

New Faces started as a variety show featuring the QHS Jazz Band and it's members. Band Director Dan Perrino started the tradition in 1955. In 1969 Dan Sherman added the Swing Choir to the production. From there the show has added more and more until it's become the premiere production it is today.

QHS New Faces "A Light In The Dark"

This year theme was "A Light In The Dark" and again featured the truly amazing jazz band plus dancers, singers... both soloists, and groups as well as the QHS show choir, comedy troupes, a rock band, a christian music band, the QHS drumline, colorguard and the light show. Ohhhhh the light show. There's no way to come even close to describing the light spectacular designed by students Elliot Haider, Blaine O'Donnell, David Hochgraber and Shawn Kaufmann. A pre-recorded "explaination" that ran at the beginning of the show described these young men's talents as well as the fact that this high school actually boasts some of the very best in modern stage lighting literally in the world. Once it started all of that was obvious. The ooohs, ahhs and wows from the audience were audible even with the music blasting and pumping away.

Whether you have children who attend QHS, have friends who do... or not. Do yourself a favor and don't miss next years New Faces production. If you don't come away amazed then you must just be at some silly show on Broadway or something. :)

Well done again, QHS. Very well done indeed.

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