Football uniforms seem to get more sleek every single year. Quincy High School has continued with this trend, and they recently released photos of their new helmets to show them off.

The new helmets sport the traditional blue and white of the Quincy Blue Devils, but they do so in a dramatic way. The all-white helmet sports a chrome electric blue stripe down the middle and a ‘Q’ on the side in the same color.

However, the one thing that sets this helmet apart from almost every other school in the state of Illinois is the facemask. Most helmets sport a matte facemask, but this season the Blue Devils will be looking through a Riddell chrome facemask. Quincy is one of only two schools in the state of Illinois to have a facemask in this style.

I might just be speaking for myself, but I can’t wait to see the Blue Devils fly around the gridiron this season with the Friday night lights shining off of those awesome new helmets.

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