Ever wanted to take to the stage and try your hand at acting? Well, here's your chance (times two!)

Quincy Community Theatre is holding auditions for two of their upcoming productions: "Is He Dead?" and "Impressions of Yesterday." QCT is looking for both men and women 18 years or older (for both plays). No experience is required and all are welcomed to audition.

Auditions for "Is He Dead" will be held on March 19th and 20th by appointment only. If you are interested please call the theatre for more information and check out their website. "Is He Dead?" is about a painter who is having trouble selling his paintings. Falling on hard times and trying to get away from debt collectors he hatches a plan to play dead and sell his paintings to increase the value of his paintings. The play was written by the very talented Mark Twain.

If you're a fan of the 80s comedy Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, then you are gonna love "Impressions of Yesterday." When one family buys a trunk filled with junk (or so they think), the owners of the items in the trunk give the owners a taste of history. The girls learn from Thomas Edison, Mary Cassatt, and more (and you might learn a thing or two as well). Auditions for "Impression of Yesterday" will take place March 19th and 20th by appointment, and students in 6th through 12th grades are needed. Again, no experience is needed and all are welcomed to audition.

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