This Saturday the Bridge the Gap walk run event will take place for the benefit of the Quincy Catholic Charities Med-Assist program. We hear of all the fun that the event is but it certainly is not fun for people who need medications and can't afford it.    

Many people have had to cut down their intake of medicine to "stretch" it out because they cannot afford the cost of the medicine or the pending refills. Some are dangerously taking half their suggested dosage or taking their daily prescriptions on an every other day basis to make them last longer. Some just can't afford them at all. This is why this event is so important.

Bayview Bridge
Kurt Parsons

Last year, the Bridge the Gap officials presented a check for $54,584 to the Med-Assist Program. According to Blessing Health System, "the Med-Assist Program helps leverage medications from pharmaceutical companies to families who meet income guidelines but do not have Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance coverage for prescriptions." Med-Assist is funded through the generosity of the United Way, Bridge the Gap to Health, and minimal patient fees as well as other donations.

Blessing Health System recently made a $10,000 donation to help fund the work of Quincy Catholic Charities Med-Assist program and Quincy Medical Group hopes to raise $60,000 this year for the Med-Assist Program as well.

Last year, nearly 5,000 prescriptions were filed through the Med-Assist program for patients of Blessing’s Community Outreach Clinic. Those prescriptions had a retail cost of $1.3 million.  Since it began 12 years ago, Quincy Catholic Charities Med-Assist program has secured nearly $11 million worth of prescription.
The Bridge the Gap to Health Race is vital for this program to continue.

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