With The Quincy Union of Federation Teachers planning to strike next week, Quincy Public Schools sends out a letter to all QPS Parents.

Within the letter is states that the remainder of this week will go on as plan, along with all weekends activities. Monday January 16, will remain a NO SCHOOL DAY in observance of Martin Luther King, JR. Day. But starting on January 17, there will be NO SCHOOL ACTIVITIES, any sport, music events, or any other school related activities will be cancelled.  See more of the letter below.

Caitlin C. Green
Quincy Public School

So now what? Parents scramble to find daycare facilities that will take in their child or children. That's extra expense for the parents and daycare who take in those children that they may not have budgeted for. And we wait! As a parent with a child in the Quincy Public School system I worry that my child will suffer and have to stay longer in school to make up for the lost time in the classroom. I worry for all the children that will have to work even harder to make up time lost.What about the Senior Class, if they have to go into July for school does that effect their fall plans for college or entering into a military service.?

Everything right now is up in the air, and all we can do as parents and the community is  wait to see what happens.

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