With the ongoing concerns over the COVID-19 (Coronavirus), and in line with the safety protocols being suggested by local, state, and federal authorities, the Quincy Police Department is modifying their response to calls for service in order to better protect the health of our citizens, as well as their officers and civilian employees.

Effective immediately, citizens who need to report a crime that is not “In Progress” will be asked to do so by telephone or through the “Online Crime Reporting” page on the City of Quincy website. The link to that page is below:

Calls for service made to the Quincy / Adams County 911 Dispatch Center that are able to be handled by telephone, will be done so in that way. An officer assigned to the call will contact the reporting party by phone to gather information and determine the best way to proceed with the investigation.

Citizens need to know that crimes in progress, or any other call that requires a police response, will be handled as they always have. The safety of our citizens is still the highest priority for the men and women of the Quincy Police Department.

According to Deputy Chief Adam Yates, the Q.P.D. has a policy of sending a police officer to almost every call for service that they receive and feel this is the best way to serve the citizens of Quincy. This change in protocol is a vast departure from the way the department prefers to provide police service, but they want the public to know that the Quincy Police Department is still here to serve you. This protocol will remain in place only as long as is absolutely necessary.

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