I think I can now prove with science why you should take internet "best of" lists with a grain of salt. There's a new ranking of small towns in America and it's clear the internet has no clue what a Missouri small town really is.

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I'm gonna call out the website Cheapism for this one. May be a great website. Writer is probably a fine person. However, someone needs to do some soul-searching about what a Missouri small town is. This is why.

If you had to guess what the "best small town in Missouri" is, what would you say? I'd bet my bottom dollar it's not the one they chose. What does the internet believe is the "best small town in Missouri"?

Jefferson City

You can't see this, but I'm rolling my eyes right now. This isn't just my opinion either. We need to ask ourselves exactly what a small town is. The US Census says that almost 75% of incorporated towns have a population of less than 5,000 residents. Technically, they say a small town can have as many citizens as 25,000 and still be considered a "small town". For the record, Jeff City is double that.

Don't misunderstand. Not saying Jefferson City isn't a fine place. Not saying don't go there. The capital building is an interesting place. It's just not a small town. Not even close.

Next time internet wants to tell you what the "best" of anything is, prepare to roll your eyes like I am right now.

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