Nothin remains in this abandoned Illinois jail, but as explorers kept looking through the empty space, they found several prisoner records in one jail cell.

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The jail closed almost 20-years ago, and you can tell. The walls are starting to fall down and the paint is literally hanging from the ceiling. As the explorers kept going further into the abandoned jail, they would come across several prisoner files left behind. Some files date back to 1991 and good on the explorers for not diving into the files, at least on camera anyway.

We get to see the kitchen, where prisoners would meet with loved ones on visit days, restrooms, and even the small cell areas in which they stayed. they are not very big, but they are not staying in a five-star hotel so I wouldn't imagine that the cells would not be very big. There seems to be a massive barn on the property where the jail is located which looted like held horses and other animals. Maybe it was a way for prisoners to do a work release or something like that.

One of the other cool buildings on the property is the warden's house which has been completely gutted down to the studs. It was a nice house at some point, and was last renovated in the mid-40s, but is slowly falling apart.

LOOK INSIDE: Abandoned Illinois Jail with Warden's House on the Property

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