We love food trucks. We love tacos. And we love taco food trucks. So you can imagine our excitement when we found out what is coming to Quincy.

Fort Taco will be rolling into Quincy for one day only on October 10. The taco truck will be located at the Elks Lodge (311 N 2nd) starting at 11 AM. They will be serving both lunch and dinner, and to find out what is on the menu check back on their Facebook page for updates.

I really would love to see move food trucks with different food options roll into Quincy. Maybe have several line-up downtown around Washington Park, or Upper Moorman Park. Just a weekend event where you can stuff your face with different types of food all day, from a variety of food trucks. Who's with me?

The food trucks we have in Quincy already are pretty popular, why not have more that actually move around town to cater to different parts of the area. I think it's a million dollar idea of the day.

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