Tomorrow is Memorial Day.  I suggest you take some time to travel through the Illinois Veteran's Home on North 12th and Locust Streets.  The home always has plenty to offer visitors with monuments to view and the All Wars Museum to tour. But today, make sure you go see the flags on display on the grounds, plus make your way to the Veteran's Home Cemetery area where you will see the tombstones with American Flags attached.

Those flags just didn't show up by themselves so a special thank you goes out to various local organizations for their decorations. Over the years the Dorothy Quincy Chapter of  the D.A.R (Daughters of The American Revolution), local Scout groups and dedicated Quincy area citizens have supplied the manpower for the the beautiful cemetery decorations.

They lived up to what this day used to be known as,... "Decoration Day". A drive through that cemetery will certainly remind you of what Memorial Day is all about.

Thanks to this year's volunteers and a special thanks to those who gave their lives for our country and for the freedoms we have today.

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