It's my perception that this topic is taboo for some reason. Why is it that many shy away from talking about outlaw motorcycle gangs that either reside and/or travel through Missouri? I've done some digging and learned they're more prevalent in the Show Me State than you might think.

This topic came to mind as I had a motorcycle gang (which I shall not name) that cruised by me on Highway 61 in Missouri the other day. It was a pretty intimidating sight I will admit, but it really shouldn't have been. They did nothing wrong to me or those driving around me. It's just that perception of "danger" when you see a large gathering of bikes.

One thing I want to be clear about is someone being a part of a biker gang does not make them a criminal. Many just love to ride and want to be a part of like-minded individuals who also love the culture. However, the Department of Justice does define what makes a motorcycle gang an "outlaw organization".

I found an interesting article by Jacob McCleland on Andy's Forum about Missouri being "open territory" for outlaw biker gangs. Here are the gangs mentioned that you'll see on Missouri roads:

I've also seen rumors and talk of The Pagans having a presence in Missouri now, too.

You rarely hear of these groups with the exception of incidents like the gun battle in the streets of Lake Ozark, Missouri a few years ago.

This is not meant to be a conclusive list of all the motorcycle gangs you'll find in Missouri. Wikipedia has more than I can name. I just find it interesting that these groups live among us and national media wants to portray the "dangerous" elements within. I've never had a negative encounter with any of these biker members nor do I advocate for them either. Not dismissing criminal activities that have already been proven. Just wondering if these silent brotherhoods don't include many non-criminals that just love to ride and have their brother's backs.

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