I laughed pretty hard when I saw this subject brought up. The Mothman in Missouri? Really? I stopped laughing when I found real sightings of this strange creature in Missouri for the past few years.

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If you're not familiar with The Mothman, the legend of this dark winged creature with bright red eyes began in Point Pleasant, West Virginia in November and December of 1967 when there were multiple sightings just prior to a catastrophic bridge collapse that killed 46 people.

What's the Missouri connection? The first reports I came across were mentioned in a Linked In article that says there were reports of a Mothman-like creature in the Kansas City area near Independence between 2013 and 2018. One woman reported that she heard flapping behind her car when she saw a large black creature in her rearview mirror. Another person in the area saw a creature the size of a small plane flying over her house, but it wasn't a plane. There were a half dozen reports like this over a several year span.

Missouri MUFON also mentioned the KC area sightings carried over into 2019.

The claims of a Mothman in Missouri don't end there. A recently as October of 2020, there was a report of a "Black, Humanoid Figure with Very Large Wings and Legs" in Cape Girardeau, Missouri according to Singular Fortean. A woman and her two daughters were driving when they saw a large winged creature seem to leap from the trees onto the road at night. They saw it for around 8 seconds.

The Mothman in Missouri rumors can be found on Pinterest and other places, but why? As the Mothman Wikipedia page mentions, many are convinced that sightings in an area are an omen of a looming catastrophe. Others will say it's just a grand delusion where one report leads to many. Let's hope it's just the type of creepy phenomenon that makes for an entertaining movie and nothing more.

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