My youngest daughter (who is seven) has been asking me a lot lately if Santa is real. I am trying to keep the magic alive as long as I can, so this Santa tracker may help me and all of you with tracking Santa this holiday season.

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Starting now through Christmas Eve, North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) will once again providing a Santa tracker to watch the jolly ol' man deliver toys all over the world. This will be the 65th year NORAD has tracked Santa for children all around the world. Back by popular demand, children can now take a tour of the North Pole, and look at Santa's workshop. You can explore Santa's village and watch the elves do what they do best: toy making.

Click on the theatre and find out more about Santa's big night, and learn about NORAD. When you click on the library you can learn more about Santa's magical sleigh, and some of his favorite holiday traditions. There is so much to explore in the North Pole.

So if you are like me and trying to keep the magic alive for just a little bit longer, you might want to sit down one evening with your kiddos and explore the North Pole.

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