You might have heard that Jennifer Aniston recently made an unannounced stop in Quincy. I hate to break it to you, but that's not exactly true.

There are so many reliable news outlets out in the world. However, there are some out there that like to "bend the truth." And there are others still that just make stuff up completely. I came across such an article the other day that claimed actress Jennifer Aniston made a stop in Quincy, and just raved about how nice Quincyans are.

Unfortunately, this is just the latest in a never-ending collection of "things on the internet that you shouldn't believe".

The article published by "News Daily 29" claims Aniston's rental car overheated and the nice people of Quincy helped her. They even named a "Thyme Cafe," (clearly they meant "Thyme Square Cafe") where she sat and had a meal while she waited.

This "rental breakdown" might sound familiar. KICK-FM published a blog about Matthew McConaughey breaking down in Kirksville, Missouri. The moral of the story: Not everything on the internet real. Make sure you are getting your news from reliable sources.


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