Once again, as I look over the September monthly traffic report from the Quincy Police Department it shows 19 citations written to people who failed to have car insurance when they were stopped by the police.  This number has been consistent for a long time but has been slowing rising as the same time.

The economy has a lot to do with it. In September, 19 people were found in violation of not having insurance but just how many people are driving without insurance today?  I have it from a very reliable source that Adams County is the second highest county in the State of Illinois with uninsured motor vehicle drivers. How is it this happens?  One way is to buy insurance and then cancel it after you get your license and hope you don't get caught or have an accident.

Most people get their license every 3 or 4 years so the uninsured driver could cancel his/her insurance and then drive for 3 or 4 years without it. I would like to see proof of insurance when a driver renews his sticker for his/her license plates which occurs every 12 months. Even when you renew your yearly sticker by mail there is a place on the back of the form that asks for your insurance policy number. Apparently, those stickers are being processed by mail without any followup if the insurance information is not provided. Why is that happening?

It's time to change the system to the 12 month plan I just mentioned.  At least every 12 months we will know who has and doesn't have insurance. No insurance, no license plate renewal sticker. Why am I writing about this? Fortunately  I haven't had  and accident with an uninsured motorist. But I do have uninsured motorist insurance because of this alarming rate of uninsured drivers we have.

Gee, only in America, can I pay more for insurance to allow others not to pay for theirs.

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