After an air show performance last weekend in Rockford, Illinois, The United States Air Force Thunderbirds will thrill thousands of people this upcoming weekend at Scott Air Force Base in Belleville, Illinois. The Air Show and Open House will take place this Saturday, June 10 and Sunday, June 11.

There is nothing that can compare to the Blue Angels or the Thunderbirds or the Navy Blue Angels especially for first time air show goers. I remember when the Thunderbirds came to Quincy years ago to perform but, unfortunately, Mother Nature decided to cook up a storm and forced the air show to end early. They flew from Baldwin Field to Scott Air Force Base to miss the storm. Anyone remember that?

I personally have witnessed the precision flying of the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds probably 20 or 25 times in my lifetime and I get goose bumps every time I see them. The Blue Angels and the Thunderbirds give one a sense of pride and makes you really feel great to be an American. Now that's something we all need a little more of.

Here's an example of what people will be seeing when they watch the Thunderbirds.

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