There is nothing more adorable than watching a baby sleep soundly, but what if that baby just happens to be a newborn lion cub?

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In the video shared by the Lincoln Park Zoo, you can see the momma lion and baby cub just sleeping away and then all of a sudden the cub takes this giant stretch and yawns and it's the cutest.

I want one, just kidding but how cute is this little guy. He won't be little for long, but for now, we get these little adorable videos. I just want o pick him up and squeeze him, I'm sure he sees me and a snack but I would totally (if I had the chance) hold a baby lion cub.

What makes this cub even more special is that it's the first African Lion Cub to be born at the Lincoln Park Zoo in 20 years. The cub was born on March 15 to 3-year-old African lion Zari as part of a survival plan to help populate lions across all zoos. The cub will remain behind the scenes and out of the public eye so that momma lion and cub can bond without distractions.

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