Twenty life-sized, animatronic re-creations of giants are taking over the Brookfield Zoo starting April 1.

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Go back 20,000 years to the age of Mastodons, Woolly Mammoths, and Giant Ground Sloths. These are no small animals either, you are going to see GIANT life-sized animals as if they were still walking the Earth. The Mastodon is 18 feet long the Woolly Mammoth is 15 feet long, the Giant Ground Slot is 10 feet long.

You will also see a Giant rodent (10 feet long), a Short-faced bear (11 feet long), a Giant ape (10 feet tall), a Saber-toothed cat (5 feet long), and a Giant bird (12 feet tall), and all of these will have some sort of moving part. The eyes, mouth, head, and tail of some animal will be moving, like they are right next to you just as they were 20,000 years ago.

The very very very best part, this exhibit is free with general admission so there is no extra expense to experience what it was like to be next to these giant animals many years ago.

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