Effective last week, the Adams County Courthouse and all county services provided within the building will have limited access to the public until further notice. The West Vermont Street door will be temporarily closed.

Preventative measures are being administered to protect the staff, as well as the public, from the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Information about how this will impact each office is outlined in detail below.

Adams County Circuit Clerk’s Office – 217-277-2100

 When possible please pay traffic citations or fines online. Information is available on the county website or call our office with any questions. May also mail to our office or use dropbox located just inside the east Vermont entrance to the courthouse.

 When possible please pay child support/maintenance by check or money order payable to the recipient. Mail to our office or use dropbox.

 We are temporarily suspending passport processing until such time as the courthouse restrictions are lifted.

Adams County Coroner’s Office – 217-277-2015

 Call ahead for an appointment, or call the non-emergency line at 217-222-9360.

Adams County Clerk & Recorder – 217-277-2150 (Clerk), 217-277-2126 (Recorder)

 Citizens can call the office or visit the website.

o County Recorder - www.co.adams.il.us/recorder

Eighth Judicial Circuit – 217-277-2100

All Courts of the 8th Judicial Circuit will be operating at a reduced capacity performing only essential functions. Until further notice, the following court cases will be held as scheduled, with appearances expected for all litigants unless travel or health exemptions apply:

 All matters with individuals in-custody including bond court

 Criminal felony matters except probation and payment reviews

 Juvenile temporary custody (shelter care)

 Juvenile detention hearings

 Petitions for Emergency Orders of Protection

 Hearings for Plenary Orders of Protection

 Emergency hearings on family matters (D and F cases) as scheduled by the Court

 Statutory Summary Suspension Hearings

 Mental Health Hearings

 Any other emergency hearing as scheduled by the Judge assigned  

If you are an attorney or litigant and have a scheduled case, appointment or are otherwise required to appear at the courthouse in connection with court case, but are unable to appear because of the above restrictions, please contact the Adams County Circuit Clerk’s office at 217-277-2100.

Adams County Probation Department – 217-277-2170

Clients should not report to the Probation Department unless they have a scheduled appointment. To schedule an appointment call 217-277-2170, or contact your individual probation officer.

Adams County Public Defender – 217-277-2195

Please contact the office to make an appointment by phone.

Regional Office of Education #1 – 217-277-2080

ROE #1 has suspended face-to-face services at all ROE #1 offices temporarily. If you have any pressing questions or issues, please contact ROE #1 by phone at 217-277-2080 and/or e-mail www.roe1.net/about-us/contact-us/.

Adams County Sheriff’s Office – 217-277-2200

The Adams County Sheriff has suspended all in-person visits to the Sheriff’s Department. Any service requests can be done by phone, however for an emergency dial 9-1-1.

Adams County States Attorney – 217-277-2225

Appointments can be made by calling 217-277-2225. Information can also be found on the website at www.co.adams.il.us/statesattorney.

Supervisor of Assessments – 217-277-2135

The County announced on March 16th that the deadline to apply for the 2020 Senior Citizens Homestead Exemption and Property Tax Freeze has been extended by 30 days. The new deadline will be August 01, 2020. Other deadlines will temporarily be extended. If you have any questions, contact the office.

Adams County Treasurer – 217-277-2245

Payment other than in-person at the Treasurer’s Office is strongly advised. Requested alternative payment methods include:

 A check via U.S. mail to Adams County Treasurer, 507 Vermont Street Suite G12, Quincy, IL 62301;

 Depositing your check in the tax payment drop box outside the 5th Street Courthouse entrance;

 Bill paycheck through your bank.

 General information can also be found by visiting the Adams County website at www.co.adams.il.us.

The news release provided stated "We understand that this temporary restriction to the Courthouse may cause an inconvenience and we appreciate the Citizens of Adams County working with us to help protect the staff and the public during these unprecedented times."

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