There is a new Bill in the Illinois Senate that would force schools to give students information on where and how they can get help with their mental health.

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According to, there is a bill called Senate Bill 4028 that quote

"would require schools to provide information on how and where to find mental health resources in the state."

The bill was filed by Democratic Senator Mike Simmons from Chicago and from what the article says the goal of his in introducing this piece of legislation is to make sure the students of Illinois know that they have resources available to them to take care of their mental health. The article goes on to say...

"According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) mental health-related visits are up by 24% since 2020 for children aged 5-11 and visits by children ages 12-17 have gone up 31%."

The bill has now made it through committee and has about a dozen co-sponsors, to read the entire article click here!

The numbers they provided are scary to see, the fact that the increase in mental health-related visits has risen that much in that short amount of time is cause for alarm.  When I was in school the idea of taking care of your mental health wasn't something that was talked about regularly or at all, I do think this current generation of kids have become more aware of their mental health and it certainly makes sense to me that the schools should make sure that their students know what resources are out there to help kids if it leads to even a 1% decrease in the amount of violence in schools it would be worth it in my opinion.

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