Boy, do I identify with this one. There's a new study that claims that one out of every three people in Illinois are 'always tired'. I need a nap. How about you?

This is an interesting new study from Talker which sampled a huge amount of people to learn about their energy level (or lack thereof). The big picture takeaway from their questions is that one out of every 3 people say they often or always feel tired even after a good night's sleep. Something is very wrong here.

Get this. Doing the math of this survey, you can conclude that more than half (58% in their survey) in Illinois don't enjoy life due to the fatigue. That's an even bigger problem. You can start to make the connection between tiredness and mental health issues which also are statistically on the increase in Illinois.

There are many noble souls that continue to fight the good fight with 1 in 3 also saying that they push through the exhaustion to get the job/chores done. It also seems that many just accept that tiredness is a part of regular life and don't even think about it that much. My job isn't nearly as hard as many of my friends, but I do completely identify with just about every conclusion in this survey. I find myself working even when I'm at home with my family since my laptop is never far away. Now that I sit and add it all up, I clock over 80 hours of work per week when all of my online research and radio show preparation are factored in.

Are you tired all the time? Do you push through it or stay in bed and procrastinate? I am not judging. I should probably do that second one more, too.

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