I've had people tell me that this story is impossible, yet I have proof and an eyewitness that it really happened. It's the strange but true story of a Missouri dog that went for quite a ride thanks to a very large owl.

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This very interesting story was shared in an interview on KMOX in St. Louis. It's about a Miniature Dachshund named Fiona in New Haven, Missouri. As they shared it, Bruce Hareford was driving home when he saw something fly over his head. They quoted Bruce's eyewitness testimony like this:

I seen something flew over the top of my car," Hareford said, "I didn't know exactly what it was. I mean--it looked big and it dropped something, and I stopped my car, and I pulled out my Mag flashlight, and I opened up my door, and there was this little, bitty miniature Dachshunds.

Listen to his words for yourself if this seems far-fetched.

But, is it really possible for an owl to carry off a dog?

All About Birds says that while most dogs are safe, any that is less than 5 pounds could possibly be within the weight limit of a large owl. Is it likely? No. Likely rarely happens. But, is it possible? Oh, yes. Yes, it is.

When I first shared this story, I had a few people who said I was crazy (a possibly true description I might add), but the story as told by Bruce is true and the veterinarian who treated Fiona confirmed the injuries are consistent with owl talons.

The good news? Fiona is fine and recovered at home.  As for the owl? Possibly looking for a new dog to snatch as a pet? Hey, it is possible.

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