It looks like the Quincy Mall is filling up some empty stores very soon.

Three new tenants were announced through a press release from Cullinan Properties, owners of the Quincy Mall. The new businesses include VIP Cinema (which will be a new anchor store), Quest Games Unlimited, and Relax Quincy Spas. Also, Quincy Medical Group has started construction on the new outpatient facilities, which will be located in the old Bergner's building.

VIP Cinema will bring back a movie theater to the mall. The company will provide family-based movies and environment, while providing the best movie experience possible. I am really excited about this, the theater that was in the mall catered more towards kids movies, and I am glad to have that option once again. The theatre should be opened by Memorial Day weekend.

Ticket and concession prices at VIP Cinemas will be lower than typical large-scale theaters, offering a better value for customers. The theater also plans to expand their hours in order to offer earlier movie showings. “We plan on bringing an expanded show schedule to Quincy and will have daily movies every day starting at 9:45 a.m.,” stated Jake McSparin, Vice President for VIP Cinemas. “We look forward to providing the Quincy area with additional movie times and low concession prices.”

Quest Games Unlimited is part of Cullinan Kickstart program, which helps entrepreneurs open their business. Quest Games Unlimited will have a grand opening celebration on May 4th. Star Wars day.

Relax Quincy Spas, located currently on 24th Street, will take over the space between Jiu Jitsu Academy and Celebrations in the strip center at Quincy Mall.  The store plans to open by May 1.





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