Catch a movie like you've never seen before in Hannibal's B & B Theatre.  A new 4D experience will mean you'll not only see the action on the big screen, you'll feel it too.The seats will rock and jiggle. They'll also blow bubbles and gusts of air.  They'll even produce mist and fog.

According to B & B's website, the modifications to one of the auditoriums started this week.  It's called MX4D, and only a few theaters in the country offer this ultimate movie-going experience. The technology is like what you experience on some of the rides at major theme parks.

This new upgrade to a 4D auditorium is part of a major overhaul at Hannibal's  B & B Theatres in recent months.  The other auditoriums offer large heated, reclining seats.  There's also a full service bar.  When 4D is up and rolling, you'll be able to have a martini, shaken not stirred, while you careen across the screen with James Bond.


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