As the bell tolls the start of the school year soon, can't you just picture masks taking over the status symbol in elementary classrooms?  Typically, it's which kid has the best shoes.

With most school kids having to wear masks at least part of the time, I predict kids will try to score the coolest mask in class. There's a lot of ways this could go--who has the best style, the best graphics, who has color-coordinated masks every day.

No matter how nifty your mask is, it will never top the one that's being crafted right now. A Chinese businessman living in the United States has commissioned a jeweler in Israel to make a $1.5 million facemask. It's made of 18-carat gold, encrusted with 3,600 black and white diamonds, and naturally it's fitted with the top-of-the-line N99 filter. Think the guy will wear that to Walmart?

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