Can I confess something? I had no idea that this man was even allowed to be in Missouri anymore. Seriously. Technically, he's the richest billionaire in the Show Me State, but he's also despised by just about every St. Louis sports fan I know.

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I don't hold grudges and really try to never hate, but many of my Missouri sports fan friends don't share my convictions. To them, this man is the epitome of how Missouri sports should never be. According to Four States Homepage, he still lives in Missouri (or has a home here at least) so he's the richest billionaire in Missouri.

Who is this despised Missouri sports mogul?

Answer - Stan Kroenke

Stan is known as the man that moved the St. Louis Rams to Los Angeles so he's not gonna get many Christmas cards from Missouri football fans.

How much is Stan Kroenke worth?

According to Forbes, his net worth as of this writing is $12.9 billion dollars, but it gets so much better. His wife Ann Walton Kroenke is a Walmart heir with a net worth of $9.4 billion on her own.

The Daily Cannon shared another alleged sin of Stan Kroenke claiming he's one of the stingiest when it comes to charitable giving. In his defense, Stan has donated $1 million dollars to charity over his lifetime according to their story which is a lot of money. Many online commentators label that as a Mr. Scrooge amount of money when you're worth $12.9 billion. If you're a St. Louis sports fan that needs more ammo for your belief that he's a villain, there you go.

In the movie City Slickers, the character Phil said "if hate were people, I'd be China". If you added up all the St. Louis sports fan hate for Stan Kroenke, they'd be China.

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