What's more important to you? Saving money or living? Depending on how you answer that, you might be interested to know that to live in Missouri's cheapest place, you also need to be ready to dance with danger based on statistics. Let's see if it's worth the price you pay (pun intended).

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There's a brand new ranking of the 10 cheapest places you can live in Missouri by Homesnacks. It's an interesting read of the places you can most affordably survive in the Show Me State, but...

Homesnacks factored in the typical metrics you think about when you think about cheap including "Population, Overall Cost Of Living Index, Median Income, Median Home Price and Median Rent". But, the one aspect they don't seem to have examined is crime rate. So, I did that for them.

What is Missouri's cheapest place?

Jennings, Missouri came in at #1 on their ranking. It is cheap with a median home price of just over $58,000 while the income average is barely over $32,000. However, there is one big problem. Check out the crime rate in Jennings, Missouri compared to the national average as shared by City Data. The green is the national average and the purple is Jennings.

Infographic, City Data
Infographic, City Data

The takeaway from this is you can live cheap in Jennings, Missouri if you can actually stay alive. I have no doubt there are good people there and many families that are trying to just get by. My advice is don't move there to just save a few bucks until they figure out how to do a better job of keeping the bad guys away.

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