I think it goes without saying (but I will say it) that I'm not a fancy fellow. That's one of the reasons I am quite pleased to report that Missouri has been ranked as one of the least expensive states to live in based on science. Yay for cheap.

What I find very interesting about this new "most expensive states to live in" ranking by 24/7 Wall St is it's based on a study that was actually done in Missouri. What a coincidence that a study done in Missouri would come to the conclusion that Missouri is a very affordable state to live in. (*sarcasm*)

The whole study is based on real science though including the standard cost of living index. This is based on very new data for the year 2023 and shows Missouri fares quite well when it comes to being an affordable place to live.

Missouri Economics and Research Center
Missouri Economics and Research Center

Overall Missouri is ranked as the 6th most affordable state (aka "cheap") to live in across America.

It's not all good news though. Missouri's poverty rate in 2023 was at 13.2% which is among the top 16 in America for those who are poor and live below the poverty standard. Not good at all. Missouri is also relatively high for utilities. Looking at you thermostat during the winter and summer.

Inflation is hitting everyone hard, but it's good to know that for Missourians it's been less painful than most other states. Now, if we could just get that poverty rate lower, Missouri would be an even happier place.

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