In Missouri's defense, this place isn't meant to be a tourist trap, but that is exactly what it is now. It's a pile of very radioactive rocks and people are flocking to it for some unknown reason.

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I found this interesting collection of the worst tourist traps in America on Business Insider. For Missouri, it's what is known as "Nuclear Waste Adventure Trail and Museum". Never been there? Good. You're in the minority. There are many who have adventured here perhaps because they'd like to glow in the dark.

Not only is the Nuclear Waste Adventure Trail and Museum the biggest tourist trap in Missouri, it's also known as the most toxic for very good isotope reasons. It was assembled for lack of a better word back in 1966 when the feds decided they needed to cover up the radiation.

Roadside America has all the tourist details of this place saying it covers 54 acres. They nail what this looks like saying "From the air, it looks like a huge, white, trapezoidal spaceship that has landed on the surrounding green grasslands." They're not wrong.

What will you see if you (for some reason) decide to investigate it? Insider says "it features a museum and covered up TNT, asbestos, mercury, radium and radioactive uranium". Party.

Does it look strange? Yes, it does. Should you go there? Probably not, but most will ignore my words and go to the big pile of radioactive rocks anyway.

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