I'm not surprised that this man owns a lot of land, but I am surprised so much of it is in Missouri. As it stands, he's the second largest land owner in the Show Me State and also happens to be one of the most famous dudes in the entire world.

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A - Z Animals lists the top property owners in Missouri and the list includes the usual suspects like the government and Bill Gates. But, this man isn't Bill Gates. Here are some clues though.

  • He owns 149,000 acres of Missouri land and much of it is a ranch and farm
  • He used to be the world's most famous media moguls
  • He was the first to create a 24/7 TV news network

So who is this famous Missouri land owner?

None other than Ted Turner. Based on the most recent interview I can find, he spends most of his time on his ranch near Bozeman, Montana, but still owns and maintains all of that massive Missouri property.

I asked myself the question you may have circling in your mind which is "why does Ted Turner own so much Missouri land?". Answer - because he can. When you built CNN, you can do pretty much whatever you want I suppose.

I would also get that the fertile farm land he owns in Missouri is highly-profitable, too. That would be a very Ted Turner thing and I'm not judging.

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