I don't think of plants as being out to get me. The state of Missouri says that I need to change my thinking as there's an invasive species that they advise finding and getting rid of now. They mean today. At this moment if possible.

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The plant in question is the Bush Honeysuckle. In the official website mention, the Missouri Department of Conservation says the species is called "Morrow's (Lonicera morrowii) and Amur (L. maackii) and Bell’s (L. x bella) and Tartarian honeysuckle (L. tartarica)". I'm gonna stick to Bush Honeysuckle.

What's the problem with Bush Honeysuckle?

The state of Missouri says this plant grows faster and bigger than native plants and will eventually block sunlight from plants that benefit animals and other plants more eventually starving them.

The reason for the urging to seek out these plants now is they keep their blossoms into November which makes them obvious to find and eliminate. Most can be removed with regular hand-pulling when the soil is moist. They say leaving the roots in the soil isn't a problem since that's not where they sprout from and it disturbs less soil. The more you know.

This invasive plant is also a problem in Illinois apparently, too, as the University of Illinois Extension Service also has warnings issued. This must be one mean plant to be on so many lists.

For what it's worth, the US Forest Service doesn't like Bush Honeysuckle either.

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