I've always believed that many in Missouri are born with almost a sixth sense of know-how that isn't common in other states, but this is downright wacky. Have you heard about any of your Missouri neighbors putting big balls of tin foil in their dishwasher? It's really happening and the scary thing is it appears to work wonders.

I suspect this tin foil ball in the dishwasher trick was inspired by an article shared by Reader's Digest a few months ago. As the designated family dishwasher in my home, I feared attempting this since I thought it might harm the dishwasher, but people swear it doesn't. As a matter of fact, it's a hack that I'm now willing to try.

Why are Missourians putting big balls of tin foil in their dishwasher?

People swear that by putting a tin foil ball in the cutlery basket where it cannot escape. What happens is your dishwasher pod releases chemicals that interact with the tin foil ball and it makes your silverware look like new.

The crazy thing is this hack has worked for many of my Missouri neighbors and I haven't heard of any downside as of yet. Keep in mind, this is something you only attempt if you're certain the tin foil doesn't have a way to get loose and get close to the heating element in your dishwasher. If you have a compartment in the dishwasher where it's stable, it's more than worth a try. Even many on YouTube have demonstrated how it worked for them. Brilliant.

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