The internet is a great place to complain. This is more evidence of that. Shoppers around the country were invited to sound off about their least favorite places to buy groceries and boy did they produce a list. Missouri is loaded with 128 of the #1 least liked grocery store that shoppers claim they loathe, yet come back to time and time again.

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There's a famous line attributed to my very distant related relative John Henry "Doc" Holliday that says "my hypocrisy knows no bounds". That phrase immediately came to mind when I saw a new ranking by Coupons in the News on Newsbreak that listed shopper's least favorite grocery stores for 2024. Take a wild guess what came in at #1. I'll give you two guesses, but you'll likely only need one.

That's right, it's the grocery stores in Walmart. They note the following:

Walmart finds itself at the bottom of the ACSI list, for an astonishing nineteenth year in a row.

Why is it so much fun to dog on Missouri Walmart stores I ask? Say what you want, but I've never had one problem with Walmart that I can remember. Prices are cheap and they normally have a decent stock of stuff or at least most of the time.

It's my personal opinion that people just like to say they hate Walmart the same way they say they hate Nickelback even though few remember why.

The Walmart corporate site says there are 112 supercenters in Missouri and 16 neighborhood markets. Let's do math. That equals 128 Walmart grocery stores in Missouri. The stores that many say they hate although I'd bet my bottom dollar the haters are shopping there at least once this week.

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