It's hard to believe that we're not that far away from Spring at this point. If some weather forecasters are right, both Missouri and Illinois can expect that season to include more frost than normal and is likely to be more stormy, too.

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It's worth noting this warning does NOT come from the National Weather Service. This spring outlook was recently issued by Accuweather. Here's part of the map they shared where they predict the areas most likely to have more severe weather than normal.

Infographic, Accuweather
Infographic, Accuweather

Notice that both Missouri and Illinois are in the middle of that red warning area. That's their prediction of the likelihood of us having more storms than normal. They say "Drought is still ongoing in the Plains, but a different weather pattern this spring will bring more opportunities for thunderstorms to Tornado Alley". Super.

It's not just storms Accuweather is warning about. They believe Missouri and Illinois are likely to see more late season frost than normal. Translation? You might want to not be too hasty in putting those tomato plants outside.

Since this is the weather we're talking about, saying it's very difficult to predict for Missouri and Illinois is an understatement. However, these are meteorologists looking at patterns and models, so it would be worth paying attention to their warnings just in case.

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