15 Immunity-Boosting Foods to Help You Survive Seasonal Allergies
Allergies - I HATE YOU. I'm that person who is constantly sniffing, sneezing, blowing my nose, etc. basically year round. I have a ton of indoor AND outdoor allergies, but the time of year they're the worst is definitely spring. It's even more annoying this year because every allergy symptom I have in public people look at me all scared because they think it could be COVID-19...
April Snow
We had a lovely weekend here in Quincy, but the weekend is obviously over and snow is falling again.Temperatures were in the 80's on Saturday and 70's on Sunday. Take a look at this video. It really is Monday.  
Spring Officially Arrives on March 20
OK, are you already tired of winter? Coming off of a winter "Vortex", where the temperatures were at all time lows and several more inches of snow to go with it, have made people wish winter was over. Well there are two ways to look at this...

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