You can generally tell a lot about a place based on how many times it's been featured on a certain law enforcement TV show. That's my conviction and I'm sticking to it. (no crime pun intended). If that's accurate, Missouri should be a little concerned about the number of times it's appeared on "Cops" and it's all Kansas City's fault.

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I found out this fascinating Missouri television fact purely out of curiosity. Here's what I learned. The state of Missouri has made a staggering 27 appearances on the TV show "Cops". Here's another fact. Kansas City is featured on every single one. Go Chiefs.

There's a complete Wikipedia page devoted to all of the "Cops" episodes and I noticed that not only is Kansas City, Missouri featured a lot, but was actually the Season 4 opener. Well done. Bad boys, bad boys...whatcha gonna do...whatcha gonna do when they come for you? Answer - Go to Kansas City apparently.

If there's a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow, it's the fact that Kansas City, Missouri hasn't been featured on "Cops" since the end of Season 10. Why? Because all of the Missouri criminals are now appearing on The Bachelor. (Hey, it's a valid theory)

Next time someone asks you how many times Missouri has been on "Cops", you can tell them 27 and point your accusing finger west at Kansas City. They're probably proud of it.

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