My dad used to fish at Bennett Spring State Park in Missouri all the time. He never did it with a dog in his backpack which is something I've just seen accomplished thanks to a brand new video share.

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This interesting fishing moment from Bennett Springs included a brief backstory about why this man has a French Bulldog in his backpack:

Fly fishing with my mom and dad.

This just in. Mom and dad might be considered somewhat strange by those who have never carried their dogs in a backpack.

If you've never been to Bennett Spring State Park, it is truly one of (if not the) best fishing areas in Missouri. My dad would travel there with his brothers and friends at least once if not multiple times per year so he could whip out his fly fishing gear and go stand in the water at the break of dawn hoping the fish were biting. I think one of his favorite sounds in life was the horn being blown to signal the start of the fishing day there.

I'm not judging the dude with his French Bulldog in his backpack. If you love your dog and don't want to be apart from them, I suppose this is one option. The dog doesn't seem to mind, but I suppose it might not be happy if that backpack dips below the water. Like I said, I'm not judging. Just more proof that sometimes my brothers and sisters in Missouri do things a bit...different.

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