Cats and dogs have to have boundaries to coexist. A Missouri cat apparently doesn't agree with this as he took possession of a bed which was the property of his dog friend which the dog took extreme exception to.

This video was shared very recently out of Lake St. Louis, Missouri. I'll let the owner tell the backstory between Sammy and Sparky:

Sammy and Sparky are both rescues. Sammy (the dog) was being given away at 5 weeks old. Sparky was from an unwanted litter from Sikeston, MO. I was fostering them and fell in love. Sparky likes to think he’s a dog. He greets people at the door, begs for food and treats, he has a serious identity crisis! He likes to think he's boss, but Sammy rules the roost! Sammy is the most tolerant sweet and funny dog. What's his is his, and he wasn't going to let Sparky take his new bed! Sparky was lounging comfortably and Sammy was not having it! He tried so hard to dump Sparky out of the bed, but my relentless cat was not going to budge! Eventually, Sammy stopped dragging the bed around to flip him out of it, and Sparky jumped out and ran off. Sammy picked up his bed with his teeth and walked away with it and laid down. The end.

Spoiler Alert: the dog eventually gets his bed back.

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I am seriously amused by Sparky the cat's attitude. You can tell by the careless look on his face as Sammy was trying to dump him that he was not worried about how much trouble he was causing.

Kudos to the owner taking both of these animals in as rescues. It's heartening to see a neglected animal find a home where they are welcome and happy. Even with the contentious dog bed issue, it's obvious both dog and cat in this scenario are doing fine.

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