When you go on adventures with your dad in Missouri, amazing things can happen. That's exactly what occurred when a young boy and his dad were exploring around the Grand River as he found a rare massive antler rack.

The Missouri Department of Conservation shared this happy news earlier today about Sam Clarkson and his dad, Ben.

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I thought it was interesting that Missouri Department of Conservation has to issue a deposition for them to be able to keep the antler since the skull plate was attached. You learn something new every day. I guess that's my thing for today.

If you're new to shed hunting, this is the prime time of year when that begins as the shed in Missouri goes from December to May. What makes this one rare other than the size is the fact that most bucks will shed between late January and March, so a December find of this magnitude is really something.

Well done, Sam and Ben. Here's to more dad and son Missouri adventures with a result like this.

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