I will admit that it's been several years since I've been camping, but I'm pretty sure this isn't the way it normally works. A new video share shows the surprising moment when some Midwestern campers were joined by a deer inside of their tent.

This happened recently in Wisconsin. Bambi decided he was lonely and paid some teen campers a visit.

The YouTube comments on this one have been entertaining. Here are some favorites:

Classified ? - I never seen a deer with horns like that in person. Those must live in the north.

Sarah Walton - Awwww. Check for ticks.

datDANK - They all have Lyme disease

Nope. Don't think that's true, but another person said that deer were all made of tacos so probably not a serious conversation happening there.

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Several other comments mentioned this young buck getting prepared for rutting season and that's likely what's happening here. The fall is when deer get extra frisky, so this young buck may have been out adventuring.

No matter the reason, this is a very unique Midwestern camping experience most of us will not get to experience in person.

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