This mansion hidden in plain sight in the Midwest is a dreamy place and that's just what you can see above ground. However, it's the massive 5,000 square foot soundproof doomsday bunker that's underneath it that makes it endlessly compelling.

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For the sake of protecting the actual address, suffice it to say that it's located in the Midwest and it's publicly visible on My assumption is that someone who would be interested in this place would prefer that address not shared anymore than necessary, so I'll share pics instead.

The mansion that you can see above ground is jaw-dropping all by itself. When you factor in that there's a living area underneath where you can hypothetically grow your own food an be self-sufficient without seeing the real world, that's when you realize this place is special.

Midwest Mansion Hides a Huge Soundproof Doomsday Bunker Under It

The good news is that the price has come down since I first shared this place a year or two ago. The bad news is it will still cost you at least $4.9 million according to Realtor. There are lots more pictures and details on the full Realtor listing if you're ready to prepare for the end of days.

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