No one wants to "Be Like Mike" and buy his almost $15 million mega-mansion.

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The house has been on the market for 1790 days (and counting) and is listed at just under $15 million at $14,855,000 according to The house has everything, and at that price, you would hope it would have everything. A 14-car garage, 9 bedrooms, 15+ bathrooms, and of course, an indoor basketball court. Take a peak for yourself.

See Inside Michael Jordan's Extravagant Illinois Mansion

If I would have won the Powerball I think I would have bought this home, just knowing that a legend once lived here and my kid would love the full basketball court. Really what kid wouldn't?

No one really knows why this hasn't sold. Maybe it's the economy, maybe people feel it's a bit overpriced, maybe no one wants to live in Illinois, or maybe it's all the above. One can only dream of living in a house like this and more over to live in Michael Jordan's former home.

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