In an effort to make their Happy Meals healthier, McDonald's announced some major changes to their Happy Meal menu. And kids will not be happy.

According to a article, McDonald's will be taking the cheeseburger off the happy meal menu and reducing the amount of sugar in the chocolate milk. McDonald's is trying to make all Happy Meals under 600 calories. Parents can still order a cheeseburger, it's just not part of the regular menu. The main menu items will be a regular hamburger meal or a four-piece McNugget meal (or six piece for an upcharge). And if it's possible, the size of the french fry containers are going to be even smaller than they already are.

A few months back, they switched their Minute-Maid Apple Juice to a healthier brand (Honest Brand) that contains less sugar. Happy Meals now offer the choice of apple slices or strawberry yogurt, and McDonald's plans to add more fruit and vegetable options as well before it's all said and done.

Outside of the US, the fast-food-chain is testing grilled chicken sandwiches in their Happy Meals and it seems to be testing well. So don't be surprised if that makes its way to our area in the next year or so.

Happy Meals are an easy meal for a busy family on the run all the time. I know I have ran through the drive-thru a few times due to dance and gymnastic nights. It makes me feel a little better knowing that McDonald's is taking steps to make sure that our kids aren't consuming as much sugar in their food and drinks.

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