Today is Veteran's Day across America.  It is a day to reflect on all the sacrifices our Veterans have made, including the ultimate one, to preserve our freedoms that we all enjoy in our great country.  We are the envy of the world to be able to live in a land where we can choose our leaders, work at jobs we want to work at and raise our kids the way we want and not the way the Government wants.

We are all guilty of forgetting some of the freedoms we have and perhaps we take them for granted. That being the case, today would be a great day to take 10 minutes and reflect on what life would be like today had our Veterans lost World War One or World War Two. It certainly wouldn't be like it is today.

Oh, we have our faults, but there isn't a country in the world I would rather live in.  So God Bless America and the people who put on displays of patriotism like yesterday's Veteran's Parade, the Exchange Club's Field and 1000 Flags of Honor and The Knapheide Corporation's Flag and, now updated, Veteran's salute at 24th and Koch's Lane.

Thank you to all Veterans for their service to our county and for my freedoms.

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