We may be past the endgame now, but the Marvel Cinematic Universe is clearly not ending anytime soon. Marvel has more movies coming in 2019 and beyond — including one secret project with a release date in less than a year — but nothing officially announced past this July’s Spider-Man: Far From Home. So when can we expect to hear what Marvel has in store in Phase Four of its universe?

According to Disney CEO Bob Iger (via Variety), the announcement will be made some time later this summer. Then fans will find out exactly what they expect in the years to come. He didn’t give specifics, but Iger did add this about the upcoming Marvel projects:

There are huge opportunities. There are many many different directions that we can go.

Huge opportunities? Many different directions? That can only mean one thing: NFL SuperPro movie confirmed!

The most likely locations for a Marvel announcement are San Diego Comic-Con in July or Disney’s D23 Expo in August. Marvel is big enough to hold a big press event just by itself, of course, and that would be one way to make sure the headlines were just about their new movies as opposed to sharing the spotlight with others at something like Comic-Con. One would think they’d want to announce this stuff soon so fans can start to anticipate the stuff coming in less than a year. But they may also want to wait until after Spider-Man to really clear the decks of Phase Three before launching into Phase Four.

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