How many Quincy natives have become famous before they even graduate high school? Well, in this case, there are three: Savana Santos, Sami Bearden, and Sam Backoff (from left to right in our video); otherwise known as Avenue Beat.

Avenue Beat is an acoustic pop trio the three Quincy friends formed several months ago from their mutual love of the same musical artists. Both Sam and Savana quote acts like Meghan Trainor and Hozier as inspirational to their style while Sam claims to be a "hodgepodge mess" of musical theater, Queen, and all things in-between. Sam, Sami, and Savana had all met and become friends first over their shared love for musical theater, which they say also influences their songwriting process.

In just nine short months, Avenue Beat has managed to make their first small waves in the music industry by winning the Rising Star award at the Nashville Universe Awards in Nashville, Tennessee, and recently beginning to work with the talent management company Dennis Entertainment. However, the girls have no plans to stop playing around town any time soon. "Everybody here is just so supportive" Sami said. She went on to explain how, in Quincy, they still have a hometown bond with their fledgling fan base that they don't get outside of this community.

A few days ago, Avenue Beat came to the Y101 studio to chat for a bit and play one of their original songs, "Hey, Goodbye." Having only heard of them, I had no clue what to expect. And then, they started to sing. I was blown away by the amount of talent in these young women. With their near-flawless three-part harmonies dancing over just one black Takamine acoustic, I could see from just that one song that, if Savana, Sam, and Sami remain determined and inspired, Avenue Beat is certainly headed on a course for success and excitement.

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