I do not know how singers like Avenue Beat can be so darn good. Their harmonies are great!

We just had Avenue Beat in the studio this morning, and I knew they had great harmonies, but when they were in with us at Y101, I had never heard harmonies so tight and, well, great. Every time I hear them they get better and better. I do not know how that happens, but it seems like they are getting up to another notch on the door and before long, they will be recording and hitting the road on tours throughout the country.

And the best part about it is that they are so down to earth. They have really gone up to another level of singing. I know it takes many hours of dedication to do what they do, but Sam, Sami and Savana I think are on a great road to success.Plus they write their own songs.

They are young, they write their own songs and they are down to earth. They have it all.

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