There are just some things in life you should never do. You shouldn't run with scissors. Don't wake a sleeping giant. Oh, and make sure you never flash your headlights 3 times on this Missouri bridge...or else.

This is the legend of the haunted Missouri bridge on Blackwell Road. The Haunted Blackwell website is dedicated to the stories that have been passed down through the years about this area. It's more than just the bridge. The town and the road itself are full of twisted legends. Here's a quick summary of what allegedly happens here:

On a bridge named Black Tram, legend states that if you drive across it and flash your lights three times, a ghost car will chase you away. There is also a sign that vanishes into thin air as you drive past it and even a ghostly couple who tries to flag down cars.

If you're not familiar with Blackwell, Missouri, this is where it's located on Google Maps. It's just southwest of Desoto, Missouri which is southwest of St. Louis.

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View

There are 2 main roads there. The Upper Blackwell Road and the Old Blackwell Road.

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The original Old Tram Bridge that was allegedly cursed has been torn down and replaced, but there are still reports of weird happenings at that location.

The town of Blackwell, Missouri is creepy enough all by itself with rumors that many Satanic groups still live and operate there.

It's a small area and doesn't take long to travel through if your curiosity gets the best of you. Just don't try the headlight flashing trick on the bridge. It's one of those Missouri things you just don't do.

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